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Little Red Corvette the new Oracle Self-Driving Car

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Marketers Can Leverage Oracle Data On LinkedIn

Oracle now integrates into LinkedIn’s advertising platform, called Campaign Manager, making it possible for customers of Oracle Marketing Cloud to leverage their first-party

Marketers Can Leverage Oracle Data On LinkedIn

America's Cup Boats Draft Moore's Law Technology Curve

Lessons from the Road to Customer Centricity

What Deflategate Tells Us About Our Data Savvy

America’s Cup Yacht Racing: A Test of Warriors Armed with the Latest Technology

Inc. 5000 Leaders Pumped for the Future, with Talent and Tech Driving Growth

Raspberry Beret is critical to your marketing mix

The newest song from the best artist testing testing.

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Businesses strive to innovate and anticipate what’s next - to change and drive change. How? With new ideas, customer focus, an action plan, and the best modern technologies.

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